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Developed by Ecotive Limited, the purpose-built Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi represents the cutting edge of green transportation design.

The new advanced Metrocab incorporates the latest technology for comfort, performance and safety whilst providing unrivalled cost savings.

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London Taxi Drivers and Boris Johnson are first to test drive all-new zere-emissions Metrocab –
• Leading London taxi associations evaluate and drive the new Metrocab for first time
• London Mayor Boris Johnson dubs it “a masterpiece of British engineering”
• Production versions to be trialled in London during summer 2014

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New Metrocab Video - Taxi Trade Experience Day
Technologically Efficient

The new Metrocab is driven by two independent brushless electric motors. A small petrol engine, coupled with a generator - the ‘Range Extender’ - is used to recharge the battery pack or provide power directly to the motors.

Plug-in charging is also achieved via any mains outlet when the taxi is off duty.

Zero-emissions in electric mode and regenerative braking all ensure a low fuel consumption through the course of the working day.

Achieving over 70 mpg on the Public Carriage Office (PCO) Cycle, this technologically efficient taxi offers greater economic benefits for the driver and operator.

Safety & Comfort
The driver cabin is the taxi drivers office, Ecotive have undertaken ergonomic and design simulations to ensure that it is comfortable and efficient to work in.
The taxi includes an Integrated touch-screen with a many features including navigation and taxi meter. Rear infotainment screen shows advertisements and messages for passengers.
Ecotive have worked with disability groups to ensure the cab is suitable for everyone. The easy-to-use wheelchair ramp is one of the disability-friendly features incorporated into the cab.
The taxi sits six passengers comfortably with plenty luggage capacity in the rear.
The taxi meets the PCO requirement for the 25 feet turning circle – ensuring it can navigate urban areas without issue.
Full-length panoramic glasshouse gives a spacious, comfortable and enjoyable ride for passengers.

Designed from the ground up, Metrocab has the latest technologies in comfort and safety. The new Metrocab has been designed to make the ride as pleasant as possible for both driver and passenger.

The Environment

As pollution levels rise over major cities, governments are looking to more energy efficient, low emission, modes of transport.

The new Metrocab boasts an incredible environmental record, exceeding current standards. Metrocab can operate with zero emissions, giving it a range of well over 50 miles on its battery pack only.

In its Range Extender low-emission mode, the new Metrocab produces less than 50g/KM of CO2 – significantly better than any other vehicle in the market.

Performance figures that entitles Metrocab owners to a wide range of tax breaks and government grants.

London trial
Big Ben

Metrocab have partnered with ComCab to offer an opportunity to trial drive London’s future taxi.

As London’s largest taxi circuit, ComCab are well positioned to offer affordable rental packages to drivers.

Click here to open the online Metrocab Trial Application form.


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